EAC Network Halloween Party 2017

Dress up in your coolest costume at EAC Network’s 12th annual Party to Protect Children at the Long Island Children’s Museum! Families will take advantage of the entire museum after hours and enjoy interactive exhibits and activities.

All proceeds will directly benefit EAC Network’s Children & Youth programs, which advocate for, treat, and protect children from neglect and abuse.

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SLIME Maker Expo 2017

SLIME Maker Expo (Students of Long Island Maker Expo)

Saturday, May 20th 10am to 3pm

From recyclables to robotics, celebrating 21st century learning for all Long Island students.

SLIME is an interactive day of making for family and educators from all across Long Island. Hands-on learning activities from recyclables to robotics promote critical thinking and problem solving skills necessary for our children to participate in the global community. We anticipate over 100 activities, demonstrations, presentations and speakers.

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Long Island Children’s Museum

Looking for a fun place to go that children of all ages will love?

Head to the Long Island Children’s Museum in Garden City.

The Museum is two levels filled with things to do, explore and enjoy.

   Have fun with your family as you experience, “14 interactive exhibits plus live theater, art spaces and daily activities to provide hours of discovery for children of all ages.”

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Cradle of Aviation

Have you ever been to the Cradle of Aviation in Garden City?

It is one of Long Island’s amazing museums and has some great interactive exhibits for the entire family to enjoy.

cradle of avitaion

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Goal Achiever at Keep Moving Foward- Kayla

                                                        Because…    “All Goals Can Be Achieved When You Believe”

Meet Kayla who receives physical therapy at Keep Moving Forward in Garden City. She is striving and meeting her goals each day.

kaylee- kmfkeep moving foward

Kayla has been a patient of Keep Moving Forward since Feb. of 2014. As a result of her premature birth, she suffered a brain injury that has led to a diagnosis of spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy at 18 months.

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Goal Achiever at Keep Moving Forward- Meet Chloe

Because…    “All Goals Can Be Achieved When You Believe”

Chloe is  6-years-old and receives physical therapy at Keep moving Forward in Garden City.

chloe keep moving foward

Read her inspirational story told to us by her mother.

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Keep Moving Forward- Audrey

Meet Audrey… she is a GOAL ACHIEVER at Keep Moving Forward!

“All Goals Can Be Achieved When You Believe”

                                                                               – Keep Moving Forward

Audrey Paige is 2 ½ years old and was born with microcephaly and missing part of her cerebellum. She cannot walk or talk yet. She has been receiving Early Intervention services since she was 6 months old, PT, OT, Speech & Feeding & Special Ed Services.

audrey keep moving foward

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