Thanksgiving Lunchbox Ideas

Yes, I am that Momee who loves to make a fun lunchbox for my child during a holiday week.

Since it is Thanksgiving week I hope you find this post to be a fun one.

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The ideas I found below do take a little bit longer to make then your day-to-day lunches but your kids will smile from ear to ear when they see what you made for them.

At the end of the post you will find some Thanksgiving Jokes to add to your child’s lunchbox, as well.

Turkey Shaped Turkey Sandwich

Turkey Shaped Turkey Sandwich Lunch Idea:

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Fruit Filled Cornucopia

Thanksgiving Treats for Kids - The Idea Room:

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Thanksgiving Themed Lunch

Thanksgiving Easy Lunch box:

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Acorn Treats

thanksgiving crafts treats - Google Search:

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Turkey Pudding Cups

Turkey Pudding Cups #kidcraft #thanksgivingkidcraft

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Turkey Rice Krispie Treats

 Turkey Rice Krispie Treats decorated for Thanksgiving! Easy dessert that kids can help make!

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Here are some Thanksgiving jokes I found:

1. What’s the key to a great Thanksgiving dinner?

(The turkey!)

2. What did the turkey say to the computer?

( “Google, google, google.”)

3. What kind of music did the Pilgrims listen to at the first Thanksgiving feast?

(Plymouth Rock)

4. What’s the best dance to do on Thanksgiving?

(The turkey trot!)

5. Who is not hungry at Thanksgiving?

(The turkey because he’s already stuffed!)

 Jokes found on: Enchanted

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