Lion Mask Craft

We are so excited for The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar  that premieres tonight on the Disney Channel! My girls love to “ROAR” every time the commercial comes on, so I thought how cute it would be if they had masks to wear during the movie.

lion masks

First, cut the eyes out of the paper plate.

(Have the adult do this because it can be tricky and we want to make sure little fingers stay safe.)

lion mask 11

Then, color the paper plate brown.

lion mask 9 lion mask 6

Using the pink construction paper, cut out a pink nose.

Glue it to the center of the plate under the eyes. Then, using your black marker draw your mouth.

lion mask 5

Now, cut out your strips of paper that will be used for the colorful lions’ mane.

lion mask 8

If you leave the strips long you can “curl” them up to make a fancier mane. Or you can just cut the strips in half and have your toddler glue them down. Either way looks cute and it all has to do with preference.

lion mask 7

*Optional: You can glue two brown ears to the plate, as well. We added pink construction paper to the inside of the ear, too. We did it to one of the masks and not the other.*

Glue the strips along the outside of the plate.

lion mask 4

Glue the strips along the whole outside of the plate. Let your mask dry for a few minutes.

Then, you will be ready to “ROAR” in your masks.

Whether you made a fancy mane like my four-year-old daughter made.

lion mask 2

Or if you decided to go with the plain and shorter strips for the mane.

lion mask

My girls really loved this craft and we can not wait to watch the movie in a few short hours.

Watch the trailer to the movie:

Happy  Crafting from my Momee Craft Corner to yours…

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