Jungle Bob’s Albino Burmese Python

Jungle Bob’s Reptile Kids feature for the month is his Albino Burmese Python.

Get to know Willie:

jungle bob logo willie_large pic

Fun Facts:

* Albino – They are white with patterns in butterscotch yellow and burnt orange

*from Southeast Asia

*is a carnivore – feeds on large mammals

*they wait 6 to 8 months between meals

*they can grow to 25 + feet 

Watch Jungle Bob’s Howcast:


I was so excited to meet Willie in person and you can too…

Call and schedule your family encounter- 631-737-6474

My cousin and I brought the kids and learned so much at Jungle Bob’s Reptile World. We also took pictures that we would never of been able to take any place else.

Visit the coolest place on Long Island with your family…

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What is that on top of my little cousin’s head? Head to Jungle Bob’s Reptile World and see there kid friendly reptiles that your kids will love.

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Check out Jungle Bob’s Reptile Kidee Page: here



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