It’s My Place- Pancake & Pajama Fundraiser

Last weekend, I had the awesome opportunity to attend and help out at the very first fundraiser for the organization, It’s My Place, a non-profit started by parents of children with special needs. Located in Islandia, It’s My Place serves as a gathering place where people with different abilities can come to learn, share, socialize and interact with others, and to celebrate and support one another in achieving great things.

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The Pancake and Pajama event hosted by Applebee’s in Farmingville last Sunday (Dec.6th, 2015), was a success!

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My friend, Amanda Kelly, and I were greeted at Applebee’s by Snowy the snowman, who seems to not mind the mild weather we’re all enjoying!

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About a dozen volunteers from the Sachem Honor Society and our It’s My Place family busily arranged raffle prizes and baskets provided by so many donors, and led everyone in crafts and games.

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It’s been a great privilege working with and getting to know the founder and director of It’s My Place – Eileen Dunn-Narman. Eileen is so passionate about mentoring and advocacy, and educating the community about the wonderful possibilities that can come about when people of with different abilities can come together and are given the opportunity to succeed!

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“I would like to thank everyone for coming to our very first fundraiser. We had lots of fun with coloring, crafts, bingo, raffles and a personal visit from Snowy!

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My sincerest thanks to all our volunteers: Millie, Hugo & Nico Molina, Juliette Post & Crew, Caryn Reid, Theresa & Rachael Cucina, Marcos, Sachem Honor Society, Ann Marie Aguila Pizano, Amanda Kelly, Susan & Mary Johnson, Doreen & Joseph Polizzi, and many more.
We could have not done this without all of you! Thank you for helping us raise money to start daytime adult classes. We are well on our way to reaching our goal!”

Eileen Dunn-Narman
It’s My Place, Inc.

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It’s My Place, Inc. is committed to treating all they serve and their families with dignity, respect and compassion regardless of their personal or economic circumstances.
For more information on how you can participate or donate to this incredible organization, please CLICK HERE.

It’s My Place, Inc.
150 Corporate Plaza
Islandia , NY 11749
phone: (631) 582-4534
fax: (631) 582-4549

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