Growing a Magical Christmas Candy Cane

Bring some magic to your child(ren)’s Christmas by planting mints on Christmas Eve and seeing if they turn into Candy Canes.

Has your child been a good little boy or girl? This is one Magical Idea that will make your child so happy and it will give them something to look forward to every year for Christmas.

All you need is:


Terra Cotta Pot


Paint brush


candy cane

candy cane 1



Paint your Terra Cotta Pot any way you like. Then, fill it with dirt.

Plant your mint in the dirt.

candy cane 2

You can sprinkle it with “magic dust” (we use glitter) and then leave it out for Santa on Christmas Eve. Now, we all have very good boys and girls so I know everyone will have a candy cane grow thanks to Santa’s magic on Christmas morning, right?

candy cane 3

I did this for the first time last year when my oldest daughter was three-years-old and it is all she is talking about  this year. I know your children will love it too.

Bringing the Magic back into Christmas with Momee Friends…

**I saw this on Pinterest with different ways of doing it but the concept is the same. I love the idea of having Santa’s Magic turning it into a Candy Cane when he visits your home. You can do it any way you like.**

Christmas Activity - Grow a Candycane. Includes {free} Printable and complete instructions. This makes a great tradition and a wonderful gift for kid's friends.:

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