PARENTAL TIP: Be Specific!

Article Written By: Michael Pam

Although this is a true story from this morning, it does make you think.

The picture below is what happens when you tell a 10 year old to get his shoes and hat off the stairs.

be specific- 10 year old

I wasn’t specific.

Did he do as told/asked? Yes.

Does he think he did anything wrong? (maybe a 10 year old does – he knew).

But think about it.

You give your children a direction.

They follow it, but not to your expectations.

You may yell, put them down, get angry.

But, Did you let them know what your expectations were?

Did you set them up for Success or even failure?

Set Specific clear, easy to follow directions….and you may just be surprised!


This is a great Parental Tip from Michael Pam of Michael Pam”s Black Belt Champions

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