Interactive Story Time- Time To Sleep

We had a great time reading Time to Sleep, by Denise Fleming with our little friends at the Sweetbriar Nature Center.We read the story last week and did a fun sensory craft and activity to go along with the book.

time to sleep

Ms. Ann begins her story time greeting all her friends and their parents/ caregivers. We sit comfortably on the floor with enough room for all to enjoy the story being read. Time to Sleep is a great book to discuss and understand hibernation of animals during the winter to a child.

“Bear sniffed once.
She sniffed twice.
‘I smell winter in the air. . . .'”

time to sleep 3 time to sleep 2

During the winter it is nice to leave out food for our animal friends who have a harder time during the colder months to find food. We made bird feeders so the children can hang them on a tree at home for the birds to enjoy.

time to sleep 4

Make your own Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder:


toilet paper roll

ribbon or twine

shortening (you can also use peanut butter or honey)


cereal (Cheerios or Fruit Loops)


Cut a piece of ribbon or twine about a foot long and pull it through the toilet paper roll.

bird feeder 1

Using a popsicle stick or spoon, cover the roll with shortening and then roll it around some birdseed until it is completely covered.

bird feeder 2 bird feeder 3

String up some cereal on both ends of the ribbon – this is excellent use of fine motor skills!

bird feeder 4 

Loop the two ends of the ribbon and tie a secure knot. You have completed your bird feeder.

bird feeder 5

We always have a great time at our Interactive Story Times and we hope you can join us at our next Story Time at Sweetbriar on March 9th, 2016 at 1pm. We will be doing a Spring theme with our book and craft/ activity. Hope you can join us. See you then!

Interactive Story TIme- March 2016

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