Bad Moms – Movie Review

This Momee Blogger could not be happier that I was able to see Bad Moms opening weekend with one of my best friends.

If you are a mom, you need to go see this movie with your closest mom friends and laugh your a** off!

Bad moms

Bad Moms is the perfect “Mom movie”.  I guarantee there will be lots of times you laugh so hard thinking I have said that before or I have done that before. From day to day we are all in our mom routines whether you are a working mom, stay at home mom, or a single parent. We can all learn something from one another because no one is a “good mom”. We are all learning each day and in a sense “bad moms” and that is okay. No matter the type of “mom” you consider yourself there is a character in the movie who you can relate to.  Every mother parents differently and every family has its own challenges and are unique in their own way. But, guess what? We are all doing our best and what matters most is our children and we can all agree we love them deeply…

So skip the PTA meeting, order a pizza instead of cooking a healthy meal for your family and have a girls night with your mom friends. Do not feel guilty about doing so, buy your movie tickets to your favorite theatre and see Bad Moms. We all deserve to laugh at ourselves and thanks to the perfect casting, great content and a hilarious script this movie is what every “Bad Mom” needs.



Watch the trailer below:


Let us know what you think of the movie!


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