News 12- Kids Pillow Case Costumes

Turn your pillow cases into adorable Halloween costumes your kids will love.

Grab your hot glue gun because you are going to love these recognizable characters.


  • Dory Pillow Case Costume


Transform your blue pillow case into a popular costume this Halloween. Finding Dory was a very popular family movie this past summer and adding felt pieces to the blue pillowcase makes for a comfortable and easily wearable costume.

What you need:

a blue pillow case, felt (yellow, white, black, brown, pink and light blue), black sharpie marker, scissors and hot glue gun



Cut your pillow case so that your child’s arms can fit out of the sides of the pillow case and that your child’s head can fit out of the top of the pillow case.

Cut your felt pieces:

White felt: 2 large circles (for eyes)

Yellow felt: 2 large fins

Black felt: mouth, 2 large thin c shape pieces (for each side around the fins) , 2 small black dots (for eyes)

Light Blue felt: 2 eyelids, 7 small circles

Brown felt: 2 medium size circles (for eyes)

Pink felt: tongue

Hot glue the pieces as shown in the picture below.



Kids will love pretending to swim around in this comfortable Dory costume.



  • Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head

A fun costume idea for any child is Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head. Made with beige pillow cases and felt pieces. Best part of this costume is that it is interactive and just like the toy you can change the felt pieces throughout the day to make different faces.


What you need:

beige pillow cases, velcro strips, colorful felt pieces, headband, scissors and hot glue gun



Cut the neck and arm holes out of the pillowcases. Then, hot glue the Velcro pieces (as shown in the picture below) but, please put a piece of cardboard underneath so that the two sides of the pillowcase don’t stick together.


Cut the bright color felt pieces into Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head pieces


mrpotatohead mrspotatohead1

I made bags for the Mr. and Mrs Potato Head to hold their pieces out of felt.

mrspotatoheadbag mrspotatoheadbag1

img_9824 img_9828

Also, I made a large flower out of felt to glue to the headband to make an adorable head accessory for Mrs. Potato Head and I found a top hat for Mr. Potato Head to wear.


I love how these costumes are interactive and I think they are costumes that will make any child excited to wear.


See these costumes on air during the morning show of News 12 Long Island on Monday: October 10th, 2016.

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Inspiration for these costumes came from Pinterest:  follow our Halloween Costume Board

Toddler Girls Dory Costume - Finding Dory: Toy Story:




Please note:

These costumes are great DIY Costumes that are inexpensive and fun to make. However, making these costumes requires using equipment that is not suitable for children. A hot glue gun and utility knife should never be used by a child. We do not recommend allowing a child to use these even under supervision since the hot glue gun gets so hot and a utility knife is so sharp. We do not want anyone to get hurt making these crafts so please use caution when making them.


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