News 12- Make your own T-shirt Costumes

Create fun costumes and stay in the comfort of a t-shirt.

With so many ideas and ways to transform your tees into costumes so inexpensively, you may want to be more than one character this year.


  • Queen of Hearts Costume

Transform a White T-shirt into the Queen of Hearts by easily painting the emblem on the White Shirt with fabric paint. Use 2 decks of playing cards and take all the heart cards out to make a bracelet , hat and scepter.


Materials needed for T-shirt:

White T-shirt, Acrylic Paints (Red, White, Black, Gold) and Paintbrushes


First, put a piece of aluminum foil or cardboard in-between the front and back of the t-shirt (this will prevent the fabric from sticking together when painted. Paint the half black and half red heart on the front and center of the shirt. Paint a gold crown on top of the heart. In the bottom left corner draw a Q and a red heart underneath it.

Let the shirt dry and it will be ready to wear once it does.


For the hat, scepter and bracelet you will need:

2 decks of playing cards, red card stock, ribbon (red, black and white) , 1 medium-sized plastic cup, black felt, dowel, headband, scissors and hot glue gun

For the hat:

Get about 20 red heart cards together, the headband, plastic cup and felt ready.

queen-of-hearts-2How to make a Queen of Hearts teacup fascinator from playing cards.:  I then followed the directions to the hat–> seen here


For the Scepter:

Get the dowel, ribbons, 4 red cards and card stock together.


I wrapped the dowel in black ribbon sealing it with hot glue on the bottom, center and top of the dowel. I then, tied red, white and black ribbon strands from the top of the dowel and let them hang down. Then, I cut out a red heart out of card stock and glued that to the front of the dowel. I then glued the Jack of hearts, Ace of hearts, Queen of Hearts and King of Hearts to the back of the heart facing forward.

Your scepter is complete and you are ready to scream, “Off with their heads!”



For the Bracelet:

I used the ribbons and a Queen of Hearts card and was inspired by the Pinterest Pin showed below –> click here

Queen of Hearts Costume- Playing Card bow bracelet:


  • Pokemon Ash Costume

Ash Ketchum is the main character of the Pokemon Anime. He is recognizable with his blue vest that is easily made out of a blue t-shirt. The transformation into Ash is made simply with scissors, hot glue gun and fabric paint.


For Pokémon Ash you need:

An oversized blue t-shirt, yellow felt, a red baseball cap, Acrylic Paints (white, black and red), a wiffle ball, green gloves, scissors and a hot glue gun


For the vest:

You need to cut the sleeves off the blue t-shirt and cut the front of the shirt in half to make a blue vest. Then, Take two large and thick yellow strips to hot glue along the bottom of the vest. You will also take two small and thinner yellow felt strips and hot glue them on a slant on the front of the two front blue vest halves to make them look like pockets.

pokemonashtee pokemonash2

Baseball Hat:

I painted the front of the Pokémon Ash Hat white and painted on the symbol with black paint.

pokemonash pokemonash1

I then had green gloves made for me by my neighbor and I painted a wiffle ball to look like a poke ball.

I was inspired in making this costume when I saw this on Pinterest : click here

DIY Pokemon Ash Costume (1):


  • Pikachu

One of the most recognizable characters of the Pokemon anime is Pikachu. A yellow t-shirt and dollar store headband along with brown and yellow felt makes for an easily recognizable and popular character for your child to wear.


Supplies needed:

Oversized yellow t-shirt, felt (dark brown and yellow), large chenille brown pipe cleaner, yellow foam board, headband, scissors and hot glue gun



Cut two large and thick brown felt pieces to hot glue to the front of the shirt.

*be sure to have a piece of cardboard in the center so that the front and back of the shirt don’t stick together).

Attach the large brown chenille stem to the back of the shirt along with the yellow foam tail piece. (hot glue these together to form the tail)

Then, make your headband by wrapping yellow felt around the entire headband and form two horns and glue a black felt tip to the end of each horn. Let dry and cool before putting on top of your child’s head and you are all set.


I was inspired to do this costume after seeing this Pinterest Pin: click here

Pikachu costume:


  • Dinosaur Costume

Transform your child into the cutest dinosaur with an oversized t-shirt and hat. Mia wanted to be a pink and purple dinosaur but, you can choose any color dinosaur you want to be. The spikes are made out of felt, as well.

img_9843 dinosaurhead1

Supplies needed:

1 oversized shirt and a second shirt the same color for the dinosaur tail, a matching color baseball cap, felt (white, black, purple), scissors and hot glue.

dinosaurcostume dinosaurback


I was inspired by the costume seen below to make this costume and there are great directions in the link —> click here

Tutorial on how to make an easy and adorable dinosaur costume for kids.:


  • Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee

Make a fun couple/ friends costume with four t-shirts. You will need two yellow and two red to transform your t-shirts into dresses for an adorable costume idea with your best friend. Adding some embellishments to the red baseball caps and shirt you will easily become Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. The hard part is figuring out who will be Dee and who will be Dum. As you can see Elizabeth is the perfect Dee.


Supplies needed:

2 x-large yellow shirts and 2 x-large red shirts, 2 red baseball caps, Felt (white and blue), 2 pipe cleaners, yellow construction paper, 2 white labels, black acrylic paint, paint brush, hot glue gun, needle and thread and scissors.


First, use the top half of the yellow shirts and the bottom of the red shirts to make the tweedle dee and tweedle dum dresses. Sew them together to form the dress. *If you don’t want to sew you can just use the yellow t-shirt and wear red pants or leggings.

Then cut your white felt larger than your blue felt to form the large bows. I hot glued the white and the blue felt together and then drew the lines with black paint on the blue felt. Attach the bow with safety pins so that you do not ruin the plain yellow shirt.

For the hats: I just stuck the white label to the front of the hat with the name of the tweedle twin on the front. I attached a pipe cleaner to the center of the hat with a yellow construction paper flag glued around the top of the pipe cleaner.

tweedlebow1 tweedlebow

tweedledee tweedledum


  • Minion

Just by adding fabric paint to a yellow t-shirt your child or any adult can be made into a minion. For a very easy and inexpensive costume. You can paint a one-eyed or two eyed minion on the front of the shirt.



  • Emoji Costumes

This is the most recognizable and popular Fad currently amongst all ages. We all send these adorable Emojis via text to one another throughout the day. Why not be your favorite emoji by simply adding the emoji face to a yellow t-shirt with fabric paint and/or felt? Great for group costumes especially teachers at any grade level.


See Pinterest Pins that inspired me: here

Emoji costumes! #groupcostume #halloween #group:  Easy, Quick Emoji/Emoticon Costume for All Ages:

  • Poop Emoji

Transform into your favorite emoji- The Poop Emoji with poster board. Be aware this may not be appropriate for some professional settings: school, work, etc…

img_9858 img_9861


  • Pineapple and Strawberry Costumes

Fantastically Fun Fruit Costumes for a great couples/ best friends costume idea. Using Fabric Paint on the t-shirts and creating fabulous head pieces onto headbands makes for a fun Pineapple and Strawberry Costume to brighten up your Halloween.


For the pineapple you need:

An oversized yellow shirt, black and white fabric paint, a headband, toilet paper roll, and green construction paper


Make black upside v’s all over the front yellow t-shirt with black fabric marker.

pineappletee1 pineappletee

Make your pineapple headpiece with the toilet paper roll and construction paper and gluing it to the top of the head band.

See how to make it thanks to —> here

Instagram @aisha DIY pineapple costume tutorial. Pineapple hat tutorial. Super easy!: pineapple-headband

For the strawberry you need:

An oversized red shirt, white fabric paint, a headband, and green felt



Paint white oval tear drop shaped dots all over the front of the t-shirt.

strawberrytee1 strawberrytee

Make the strawberry head-piece by following directions from —> here

MUSUES COSTUME___Transform your Tee Shirts into Strawberry & Pineapple Costumes! Super Cute DIY for Halloween. Tee shirt Hack:

We hope you enjoy being these fun costumes as much as we do.


See these costumes on air during the morning show of News 12 Long Island on Monday: October 10th, 2016.

Check out their Fall Fun Segments and see ours under Make Your Own Monday  —> here


These costumes are great DIY Costumes that are inexpensive and fun to make. However, making these costumes requires using equipment that is not suitable for children. A hot glue gun and utility knife should never be used by a child. We do not recommend allowing a child to use these even under supervision since the hot glue gun gets so hot and a utility knife is so sharp. We do not want anyone to get hurt making these crafts so please use caution when making them.

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