Sweetbriar Nature Center’s Long Island Woodland Exhibit: Forest to Forest

Sweetbriar Nature Center in Smithtown announces the grand opening of a new sensory experience. Visiting families can climb up the staircase of our nature center and take in the beauty and diversity of our simulated rain forest as they have been able to do for many years.  However, now, when they pass through the tropical rain forest, they can bring their children into a new world, the world of a local woodland. 


Through interactive, sensory activities, children can experience the sights, sounds, smells, and feels of a forest.  Children can crawl through the underground world beneath the forest floor, look though a small window to view the forest floor above and peak at our resident box turtles in their enclosure. 

sbwoods3 sbwoods11


Kids will love the maze under the box turtles enclosure.

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When they continue their woodland adventure children can use a computer and  try to match sounds with the things in nature that made them   They can sniff containers with forest smells and try to decide what caused these aromas).


  There is a touch table so visitors can feel the different textures of things in the forest.  While they are doing all of this, they can take in the amazing artistry of the room as they play I Spy to explore the forest and field murals around the room.  

sbwoods1 sbwoods7

 As people exit the exhibit, they can follow our local song birds that are painted on the ceiling as they migrate from our local woodland back to the rain forest. 


This is a self-guided exhibit, but staff and volunteers available to assist visitors if they need assistance.

The rainforest room on the upper level is beautiful and kids and adults will be mesmerized by the beauty it holds.

sbrainforest sbwoods8

It is $2.00 per person to encounter the upstairs of the main house to see the rainforest and woodland exhibits.


Sweetbriar Nature Center is located at: 62 Eckernkamp Drive, Smithtown 11787

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Website: click here

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