Shining Child- Justice Rodriguez

Meet our Shining Child for the month of January, Justice Rodriguez.

Justice inspires us all to strive for what we want and at any age we can become a local entrepreneur.


We spoke with Eufrasia and Jay Rodriguez about their inspiring son, Justice. This is what they had to say: “Justice Rodriguez is a regular 14 ½ year old teenage boy.  He is sweet, loving and caring.  He loves music and movies and playing on the computer.  He loves contraptions and musical instruments.  When he kept asking for us for money to buy him things, we told him he would have to start making his own money and save it for the things he wanted.  Finding extra fabric and tiles from a home improvement project we just finished, we advised Justice to start making coasters.”


justice-coasters justice-coasters-1

  “He makes them and then we sell them at the craft fairs we attend.”

justice justice-craft-fair

“Since starting his little business in April 2016, he has been able to start working on his money management skills.  Earning money, saving money, making purchases and change.  He has learned to use the money he has earned to buy more supplies and putting the rest aside for his profit.  So far, he has been able to buy himself a trampoline and is saving up for a new Nintendo 3DS.  He also made purchases for others.  He bought his great grandfather (Pop-Pop) a spinning bow tie for his 89th birthday.”

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Please view the coasters on the Handmade by Justice Facebook Page –> here

There are so many great coaster patterns to choose from and they are affordable at $10.00 per set. What pattern will you choose to purchase to support Handmade by Justice?

We have purchased Ninja Turtle coasters and a pretty flower pattern. My oldest daughter, Mia adores her friend Justice. He is someone she looks up to and we love being around Justice and his incredible family. 


“Even at school, he is making friends and encouraging them to work hard and work together.  He helps his friends stay on task by making sure they know the answers to questions and helping them keep track on what page they are on in reading.  This year he even helped another child come out of his shell and speak and interact in gym class with him.  Not bad considering Justice was diagnosed with autism at 15 months old and did not have spontaneous speech himself for approximately 10 years.”

shining child of the month

Way to go Justice … YOU SHINE!

I am sure there are other children who will be inspired to be an entrepreneur when they read about how Justice started his business out of his kitchen with the encouragement of his parents.

Justice 4 Autism

Founded in 2006- This foundation was set up in honor of Justice Rodriguez. Its mission is to increase public awareness and to provide funding for autism based programs.

Justice 4 Autism is a local charity that Momee Friends loves to support and attend their local events. Justice 4 Autism sets up inclusive events for kids of ALL abilities to enjoy throughout the year. All the money raised goes right back into the bank for the next event they hold. Justice 4 Autism uses their money to make the price of whatever they choose to do even more affordable for the families by taking on most of the expense of the event. They are an incredible family that not only are raising awareness for Autism but, they are encouraging the community to come together and enjoy themselves.

justice pizza

We thank the Rodriguez family for all of their efforts and for being part of our Momee Friends family.

“As a family, we have a charity Justice 4 Autism. We have been raising acceptance and awareness as well as funding for autism based programs for 13 years.  We all work and support the charity together.  We had hosted the Scary Walk 4 Autism for 12 years and we have as many events as we can to have all the families  and children of all abilities to get together and meet, socialize and practice those social skills.”


Follow Justice 4 Autism on Facebook —> here

Support Justice 4 Autism by purchasing aprons made by Eufrasia where 100% of the profits goes towards their charity.

Aprons 4 Autism

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View Justice on our Shining Child page… here

If you know a child who deserves some recognition for making a difference in our community please contact us.

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