Mister G- Mundo Verde/ Green World

A bilingual album of upbeat music written for a purpose that families will enjoy listening to.

  Get ready to dance, clap your hands and feel the rhythm with Mister G.

“And while I hope these songs inspire children (and their parents) to explore the outdoors, my ultimate goal is also to empower families to take action to help preserve and protect this one planet we share.”


Take a listen to “Mundo Verde,” which is a samba-inspired song appreciating the wonders of the natural world.

“I enjoy creating music that opens people’s eyes to the natural wonders of this great big world,” says Mister G (Ben Gundersheimer).

“A Latin GRAMMY Award winner, Mister G has been called a “kid-friendly, bilingual rock star” by The Washington Post and “irresistible” by People magazine.” The recipient of three Parents’ Choice Gold Awards, Mister G has released seven albums of original, multicultural music.”


Get to know Mister G:

“the biggest complement is when parents say they dropped the kids off at school but they keep listening in the car”


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We highly recommend buying this album!

You will love the music and the positivity conveyed through Mister G’s music about our planet.


Download on I-Tunes: HERE

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