World Read Aloud Day

I was chatting with my Momee Friend, Dawn after we picked our girls up from nursery school and she reminded me that today is, World Read Aloud Day!

World Read Aloud Day is a celebration. It is about reading just for the fun of it!

Reading is one of our favorite family activities. At night before the girls go to bed my husband and I make sure we all spend the last 30 minutes of the day reading together all snug in our comfy pajamas and relaxing TOGETHER reading some of our favorite books. I highly recommend trying to implement this time into your daily routine.

Reading regularly together helps children learn to recognize and read more words and it makes reading more enjoyable.

Add a fun activity to enjoy along with your book:

My daughter loves the book Please, Mr. Panda! She really loves reading the book and choosing her favorite doughnut to enjoy after as a snack. I love the book because it teaches manners and is a simple book for kids to read along to. I encourage you today to find your child’s favorite book and find a fun activity to do that incorporates the story somehow. Even if it is as simple as getting a doughnut to eat after and maybe talk about manners as you enjoy that yummy treat!

Read a book of Inspiration:

I also love reading books that encourage the girls to reach for their highest goals and dreams! One of our new favorites to read is The Golden Girls of Rio by Nikkolas Smith. It is a wonderful book to inspire all who read it because it lists all of the amazing accomplishments of such wonderful female athletes like Michelle Carter, Katie Ledecky , Simone Biles and Simone Manuel.


My recommendations for more reading fun:

1. Join your local Library:

Head to your local library and enjoy all the great things our local libraries offer! It is FREE to sign up for a library card. You can check out fun books to read at home, attend programs with your peers and get out of the house and explore the library on any day you find yourself looking for something to do.


2. Sesame Street in Communities website

This a great website to become part of. It is FREE to sign up and topics include:

  • Activities that engage and delight kids

  • Videos featuring the furry friendly Muppets

  • Printable hands-on activity pages

  • Digital storybooks to enjoy with your child

  • Interactive educational games

  • Parenting articles that inspire and inform


3. Play some games that incorporate reading

Highly recommend for kids who are beginning to learn sight words and reading more words. Great for word recognition.

DK Games: Silly Sentences

Buy yours: HERE


3. Howtoons box

What is Howtoons, you ask? It is my new favorite subscription boxes/ STEM activity kits for my family!

Howtoons has a kit for every child who loves to create and learn the science behind it. Each kit comes complete with a mini comic book and all the materials you need to create the specific project of each box theme. Kids end up with a tangible project they built themselves!
We love that you can either subscribe to Howtoons and get a new box each month or you can purchase the specific box you want for the child in your life.





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