Paint-Sation Easel by Goliath

We love to Paint and the Paint-Sation Easel by Goliath is one of our new favorite easels since we can bring it on the go.


My daughters had so much fun painting and I loved that the painting mess was minimal since the paint pods that attach to the easel prevents paint spills. Sounds awesome, right?

The Easel is easy to put together and take apart over and over again for easy storage! We love the paint pods that come with the easel. You will not want your kids to use any other paint again after using the paint pods. I love that the painting pods came in the three primary colors. It is a great way to play and learn with your kids. Your kids are painting and learning that when you mix blue and yellow you get green and when you mix together blue and red you get purple and of course yellow and red make orange. So the three colors have now become 6 colors!

Product Description: “Get ready to create with Paint-Sation! Each of these self-contained paint pods includes 1.4 ounces of paint. Simply touch your brush along the specially-designed bristles, and you’re ready to paint! But if you turn the pod upside-down, the paint won’t drip out! Moms and kids will agree – this paint is Paintsation-al!”

Paint-Sation Easel:
• Paint won’t spill out – even if it is turned upside down or dropped!
• Touch any brush to the bristles to transfer paint without splatter
• Each color has its own pod, which snap together for easy storage
• Use this pod on its own, or with the Paint-Sation easel!

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My girls and I hope you have just as much fun painting as they did!


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