Shining Child- Aubri Krauss

We are so excited to announce that 10-year-old, Aubri Krauss of Centereach is our Shining Child of the Month!

Aubri is making a difference in our community and we are happy to support her mission and tell you the positive impact she is making one band-aid at a time.

 Aubri decided a few years back to hold a band-aid drive to help give back to the Stony Brook Pediatric Hematology/oncology unit where she had been treated since she was 3 when she was diagnosed with leukemia. She is now in remission and is off of treatment for over 4 years.

Aubri and her family had found out that the hospital doesn’t have funding for kid friendly band-aids. So they decided to do something about that. The kids absolutely love that every time they have to get their port accessed, or their finger pricked, they have the best band-aids to choose from. Yes, it’s just a band aid to most, but it means so much more to a child battling cancer!

Aubri’s first year she donated about 700 boxes of band aids and the 2nd year, she donated over 1200 boxes. Last year, Raymour and Flanigan asked if we would join forces with them and have an event to get the community involved which we did. Not only did we collect even more band aids, but we raised over $1000 to give to the clinic.


This year we have teamed up again and they are hosting an Easter egg hunt. The egg hunts will be held at both stores in Lake Grove. The first will be from 12:00-1:00 and then the second one will be held 2-3:30.


Darcy Krauss writes, “We are a family of 5 who live in Centereach. My husband James is honestly the most amazing husband in the world who supports us wholeheartedly. We have two boys James (12) and Lucas (7). They are the best boys I could have ever asked for. Aubri, has turned 10, TODAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUBRI! She’s just absolutely amazing. I count my blessings everyday that they are in my life. I nominate Aubri because she can walk into a room and make everyone she comes in contact with smile. She is such a giver and thinks of everyone before she thinks of herself. Her strength and ability to live life to the fullest inspires those around her.  People look at her and think if she can do this, so can I.  When I’m around her, nothing gets me down. She’s the reason behind my smile and my strength. I know how lucky we are to have her around us every single day.”

Aubri will continue to collect band-aids and then drops them off around July 27th. She was diagnosed on that day in 2011. Darcy says, ” We choose to celebrate her life that day. “



I would personally like to thank Darcy Krauss for sharing Aubri’s story of inspiration with us. Aubri proves that it doesn’t matter how old you are you can make a positive difference in others lives.



You can see Darcy on our Shining Child page along with other incredible kids in our community who have also been recognized for their efforts.  —> HERE



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