Mash’Ems Hatch’Ems Chicks

We love Mash’Ems Hatch’Ems Chicks from Basic Fun Toys! It is a poppable surprise toy that your kids we love!

What will you hatch?

Mash’Ems Hatch’Ems deliver EXPLOSIVE fun. Just pop the lid and bop the top to crack and hatch a squishy surprise!


“This collectable line is definitely something to chirp about! These delightfully cute creatures are housed in surprise egg shaped capsules. The eggs are then popped, and bopped to hatch an inflated Chick that will shrink back down to collectible size after 24 hours. Series one is home to six adorable feathery friends.”

The girls loved the initial POP to see what would Hatch out of their eggs. The fun did not stop there once they hatch they blow up and are super squishy and fun to manipulate. A great sensory toy that eventually goes back down to its original collectible size. So much fun!


We hatched a blue penguin, an orange bird and a yellow chick. Perfect for an Easter Basket filler!


Want to know more?

Head to the Basic Fun Toys Website —> HERE

Basic Fun!

Retail Locations: Target, Walmart, Toys “R” Us            

   Average price: $4.99                    Age: 4+



We recommend these Basic Fun Toys for your Easter Baskets or for a fun birthday gift!

The basket fillers seen below include Poopeez, KOOSH, Cake Pop Cuties, and My Little Pony Mash’Ems, and Power Ranger Mash’Ems. All toys are made by Basic Fun Toys!



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