smarTfold 500 folding tricycle for kids

We love smarTrike®smarTfold – folding tricycle for kids.

All parents with little ones I am so jealous that I did not know about this sooner. It has so many amazing features and for parents who have kids that don’t like being in a “stroller” then we think you should give the smarTfold a try. This stroller is the toddler whisperer of stroller/trikes. Why? Because it is fun, and it is a stroller with pedals and it is genius!

The revolutionary new 7-in-1 smarTfold™ trike is “The revolutionary new smarTfold ™ and is the first Grow with Me trike that folds to less than 85% of its original size, making it both compact and portable. The quick-click design enables folding and unfolding of the trike within a few seconds and no tools required. With its Touch Steering technology, navigation system and many advanced features, smarTfold™ is  perfect for families on the go!”

Other features include:

  • Touch Steering® Technology for an easy smooth ride.

  • Easy navigator button transfers from parent to child control.

  • 2 position footrests.

  • Accessory tray.


 Our smarTfold™ trike fits easily in our car trunk and does not take up much room. Which is a HUGE plus! I used to have to remember to have to take the “stroller” out of the trunk if I went shopping because there was no room for the food but, now there is still plenty of room whether the “stroller” is in the trunk or not.

Our family walks are so much fun and my youngest daughter doesn’t feel like she is tied into a stroller which used to be a hassle to get her to sit for a long period of time but, now that her “stroller” is a trike it makes the ride more enjoyable for everyone. Especially my little rider.

I love that the smarTfold™ trike is not super wide and still has things like a cup holder and a storage bag for all of your essentials when you are on the go.

This could be the perfect gift to give someone for their child’s 1st birthday or to buy once your child turns one. The smarTfold™ trike can be converted 7 different ways to be appropriate for your child as they grow. I love this product and I think you will, too. It is durable and safe and I truly wish I would of had this for both of my kids because it is so wonderfully made and a great product. A must have for all parents!


See all the different versions and colors available —> here



These smiles say it all, smarTfold™ trikes are highly recommended by us.



You can purchase yours on smarTrike® Website: HERE

folding trike for kids


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We saw smarTrike at the NYC Toy Fair this year and we fell in love with their line of products. We highly recommend their T-scooters that also convert so as your child grows your scooter can adjust to fit their height and ability level. We also recommen their safety accessories, the helmets are bright colored and durable. Everything is so well made. I love the faces on the bags. So cute!





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