DIY- Sensory Bottle Fun

Make your own sensory bottles for a fun DIY activity!

This can also serve as a relaxing activity or serve as a visual “anchor” in order to bring a child’s focus into one place. It has a very calming effect to it, too.

What You Will Need:

Excited kids to help you make them and
Full Water bottle ( remove label ) , Hot Glue Gun, Glitter, Pom Poms, Pipe Cleaners, Colorful Plastic Straws, and Beads


Set up your label free water bottles with an almost full water bottle ready to be filled with colorful objects. Have your child place the objects inside the water bottle. Placing the smaller objects in first helps but, any way they want to do it is fine. Our goal is for this activity to be relaxing and fun for all involved.

Parents will enjoy making these with their kids, too!


This activity is great for fine motor skills, too. Fine motor skills are achieved when children learn to use their smaller muscles, like muscles in the hands, fingers, and wrists. Picking up the small objects and putting them inside the bottle is great for fine motor skills. Please, keep an eye on little ones that they do not put small objects in their moths since it is a choking hazard.


Your child will be so happy they had such a big hand in helping doing the project.


Then add glitter to the water.  Once you’ve reached your desired amount of glitter, test it out by shaking it up (with the cap on of course!).

Seal the bottle shut: use your hot glue gun to seal the bottle shut so those baby muscles don’t open the bottle up!

Voila! A glitter water bottle that is safe and full of fun for your child!

Kids of all ages will have fun playing whether they crawl after the big 2-liter bottle, or shake up a bottle they can hold in their hands, jump over the bottle,  or just relax watching the water, beads and other small objects move around inside the bottle.

I would like to thank my Momee Friend, Dawn for suggesting this fun activity for the kids and I do to together.


Bonus: This is a useful way to use the plastic bottles in your recycling can and a way for kids to have their glitter but, it be contained in a bottle : )


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