Bunch O Balloons Summer 2018

We are really loving summer with all the FUN we are having thanks to Bunch O Balloons by Zuru Toys.

Who doesn’t love Bunch O Balloons?

I can not imagine filling water balloons the way we used to when we were kids. Standing in front of the kitchen sink and filling them one by one. It took so much time to fill them all up and I remember getting water EVERYWHERE as you pulled the end of the water balloon off the faucet. Bunch O Balloons is Absolutely Genius and saves so much time! As a parent I am so happy that this is the way we can fill water balloons for our kids in the summer time. Summer Parties have gotten so much easier because of this amazing toy/ product.


Bunch O Balloons Marvel™ Avengers™

Bunch O Balloons has teamed up with Marvel Avengers to take down the summer heat – by bringing more heat into the field! With blockbuster character symbols printed on the balloons, such as Iron Man, Captain America and the Hulk, water balloons have never been so powerful! Simply connect, fill and make hundreds of water balloons, and let the superhero water balloon warfare begin.  Balloons are made from natural latex and recyclable.

SRP $9.99


These are so easy to fill and my girls were so excited to find the water balloons with the Captain America, Hulk and Iron Man symbols. The water balloons are brightly colored and make for a SUPER good water balloon time.


Bunch O Balloons Slingshot

From Launchers to Filler/Soakers, Bunch O Balloons has an entire line of accessories to round out the fun! The pinnacle is the epic Bunch O Balloons Slingshot – blast Bunch O Balloons over spectacular distances! Simply fill and load a Bunch O Balloon onto the slingshot and launch it over 100 feet! It takes water balloon battles to a whole new level. Comes with 100+ water balloons.

SRP $19.99

The sling shot works great and I think the adults had just as much fun playing with this toy as the kids did.

Just pull back and release and see if you can hit your target. SO MUCH FUN!



Bunch O Balloons

“Fill and tie 100 water balloons in less than 60 seconds with these sensational self-tying water balloons! The global Kick Starter sensation and 2017 and 2018 Outdoor Toy of the Year winner, Bunch O Balloons™ is the hottest thing when it’s hot outside! Say goodbye to the stress and mess of filling individual water balloons. Simply connect, fill and make hundreds of water balloons and let the balloon warfare begin.  And best of all, the balloons are biodegradable! Available in nine fantastic colors! Ages 3+”


Website: HERE


Check out all the fun Bunch O Balloons products on their site!

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