Turkey Thanksgiving Thankful Box

Starting November 1st make this adorable Turkey Thanksgiving Thankful Box so when Thanksgiving dinner is all done you can read everything your family was thankful for all month long.


I thought of this idea when my husband and I were discussing Thanksgiving with my 3 year old. We explained how we give thanks for all we are thankful for around our dinner table with our closest family and friends. But, I thought it would be nice to write down all month long till Thanksgiving what we are thankful for instead of thinking of something on the spot that day.

As you may know I love reusing every box/ cardboard tube in my house. So for this craft is no different since Mia and I painted the tissue box brown to make our Turkey Thanksgiving Thankful Box.

IMG_2627 IMG_2628


Next, cut out all the pieces out of construction paper that you will need for the craft. (shown below)

The Turkey Head and Body


The Turkey Eyes, Beak and Snood


Attach and assemble the front of the turkey to one of the long sides of the box.


Make a small yellow sign that says We are Thankful For… and glue it to the front as well.


Cut out the different fall color feathers for the turkey tail. Glue them to the back of the box.



Also cut out two brown Turkey wings (shown below) and glue them to your box.

IMG_2656 IMG_2657

Your Turkey Thanksgiving Thankful Box is complete! All you have to do now is write down what you are thankful for each day and put them in the box. You can all write something down each day or have a different family member do it each day till Thanksgiving.

IMG_2662 IMG_2654

This is a great tradition to start with your family and one that will make every Thanksgiving dinner special and allow your children to see all things we should be grateful for. The true meaning of Thanksgiving and sharing it with loved ones.

From my Momee craft corner to your… Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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