Winter Fun Crafts

  With a little more than a month to go … Winter is still here and I decided to feature some fun craft ideas with the theme of winter before we start spring crafts.

winter fun

Here are some winter crafts I made to share with you:

There’s Snowplace Like Home-

 IMG_5939 IMG_5940

using footprints of each member of your family to make a happy snowmen canvas painting to hang in your house during the winter season.

Easy toddler crafts-

IMG_5941 IMG_5951


I love using construction paper to make easy crafts.

Shown is a pair of mittens and ice skates you can make. I love the ice skates Mia made those at school and they are a perfect winter decoration.

Name in a Snowman:


Cut out as many white circles as there is in your name with the addition of an extra white circle to make the head of the snowman.

Also, using construction paper cut out the nose, eyes, mouth, hat, scarf and arms.

In each circle put a letter of your name till you spell it out completely. This is a great way to teach your child how to spell their name as well as build a snowman. Using a glue stick glue all of the parts of the snowman together. A simple and easy fun craft to do with the little ones.

Homemade Snow Globe:


IMG_5962 IMG_5963

Using a chinese soup container fill it up with water, confetti snowflakes, glitter and white pom poms for a snowy look in your homemade snow globe.

Other fun Pinterest ideas—-> Winter Fun

Mittens and snowflakes counting

Mittens and snowflakes counting Found on


Cute Penguin Paper Plate Craft for Kids from Huppie Mama

Cute Penguin Paper Plate Craft for Kids from Huppie


Melted Snowman Art: cute idea!

Melted Snowman Art:


Kids' winter art activity- snow paint!

winter art activity- snow paint! – Found on


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