Valentine’s Day Sensory Play

Heart Shaped Sun Catcher



contact paper, heart shaped foam cut outs, colored tissue paper



First, lay out a piece of sticky paper sticky side up, and simply apply the foam cut out.  Older kids will enjoy creating their own frame using construction paper.


Next, create a mosaic by filling in the heart or frame using precut pieces of tissue paper.  Those daring enough may use glitter and or paint in addition to the tissue paper.


Finally, roll out another piece of contact paper over the completed mosaic and trim any excess contact paper.  Use a hole-punch and attach some ribbon or yarn or simply tape to a window for a stained glass effect.


As the temperature continues to drop outside, it becomes more challenging for parents to find activities that allow their children the freedom to explore the world around them.  When all else fails, many of us may feel tempted to reach for that tablet or laptop, but here are a few fun activities that will engage their senses.

Contact paper is fairly inexpensive and yet so versatile.  Try rolling out and taping some contact paper onto the floor, sticky side up, and allow your child to simply explore.  He or she won’t need a whole lot of encouragement to walk on it because it’s naturally a fun thing to do.  I guarantee this sticky activity will render lots of giggles! 

IMG_6028 IMG_6030

IMG_6031 IMG_6033

Using their hands or feet our child will love trying to get across this sticky surface.

IMG_6040 IMG_6042

You can also tape the contact paper directly to a window, and allow your child to freely apply tissue paper, pom-poms, textured sequins, or your choice of materials.  Not only are you providing them with a rich sensory experience that will teach them about texture, shapes and color, they will also have the satisfaction of creating a beautiful and unique work of art.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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