Milk Jug Watering Can

Take that Milk Jug out of the recycling bin and use it to make the perfect watering can.

milk jug watering can

There is no need to spend money on a watering can when you can reuse the milk jug you were going to put in the recycling can to make your own that will last you the entire gardening season.

I saw this idea on Gardening 4 Kids —> click here

All you need is:

Empty Gallon Milk Container, Acrylic Paints, push pin and a spray sealer for crafts.



First, make sure to rinse out your gallon milk jug very well. Once dry then you can paint the milk jug any way you like.

Once the paint is dry then spray a crafting sealer on top of the paint so that the paint stays on the container.


In the cap take a push pin and poke a good amount of little holes. These holes will be where the water will come out of.


Once the jug is dry you can fill it up with water and start to water your plants. My 3-year-old loves watering our plants and she loves seeing the stream of  water come out of the cap.


Happy Watering from Momee Friends of Long Island!



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