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This past Thursday we had a DINO-Myte time at Jungle Bob’s Reptile World with a dinosaur inspired event for families.

dino event 1

The event was held in the Outback at Jungle Bob’s Reptile World where on any day you can walk through and see some great animals but this past Thursday we not only had animal encounters but we had a family fun filled event. The families enjoyed a night with face painting and dino digs, they made volcanoes, did some arts and crafts and even did some Dinosaur movement all to celebrate the dinosaurs.

The families and kids enjoyed seeing the DINOSAURESQUE animals shown by Jungle Bob with some interactive animal encounters.

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The kids were so excited and eager to ask Jungle Bob questions about how all of his cool animals and of course hold them too.

IMG_5453 IMG_5450


and the kids and parents had fun playing in the Dino Dig areas

dinodig 11536129_10204530642923016_5979841054708874139_n

11204917_10204530642082995_7501004196922308223_n IMG_5439 IMG_5459 IMG_5458 IMG_5460

Each child was able to make their own volcanoes with Anne of Momee Friends and see that with just baking soda, vinegar and red food coloring our volcanoes could erupt.

See how to make your own Volcano —> click here

volcano 11536129_10204530637882890_2148246824757735792_n

1897929_10204530641602983_7931799852380866973_n IMG_5448

We also had a lot of fun extras set up to play with:

Fossil Dinosaur Play Dough

see how to make your own —> click here


The kids were able to make their own Q-Tip Fossil Art Project

Inspired by Pinterest Found on familythemedays.ca

Dinosaur bones craft made with Q-tips! great site with a million dinosaur ideas: books, crafts, and more.  11008553_10204530642363002_146626921747731206_n

and other fun art RAWR-SOME Art Projects


and also take their pictures in the T-REX FACE-IN-HOLE

IMG_5441 IMG_5456

The kids were also able to get their face painted by Gina of ImaGINAtion Face Painting she always does an amazing job and I love how cute all of these dinosaurs came out.

fp1 fp8

fp6 fp7

Even Castro the Cuban Iguana wanted his face painted by Gina.

11539589_10204530637042869_7091770401673558837_n IMG_5442

We had a great time at this event and we hope that you and your family can make it to one of our next Momee Friends events!

dinosaur event

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