Long Island Ducks Birthday Party

Last night we had my daughter’s 4th Birthday Party at the Long Island Ducks Stadium. The birthday party was fun for not only the kids but the adults too.

I highly recommend having your child’s birthday at the Ballpark.


We love going to the ballpark and seeing a Long Island Ducks Baseball Game. My daughter Mia loved it last year after seeing her first game and she insisted we have her birthday party with Quacker Jack. Mike and I thought what a great birthday party for both the kids and adults to enjoy.

The birthday packages are so affordable and they provide so many great things for the kids to enjoy in the party package.

Visit the website to read all about the birthday package—> click here

ducks birthday party

I spoke with Anthony when I booked my birthday party and he was not only friendly but he was extremely helpful and made sure Mia had an amazing fourth birthday party at the ballpark. When we arrived at the party and checked in to our party we were greeted by Sean. Again, another super friendly staff member who made sure we had a wonderful experience.

Mia received her official Birthday T-shirt and she loved it. She was screaming the Ducks are #1 in the picture below.


Our seats were in section 209 on the third-base side and right near the picnic area. We had a perfect view of the game and of course Quacker Jack. I honestly have to say there is not a bad seat in the whole stadium so it does not matter where you sit.

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The kids each received a Long Island Ducks baseball.


After the first inning we met Sean and he brought us down to Quacker Jack where Mia would meet him and then get on top of the dugout with the other birthday kids and everyone in the stadium would sing Happy Birthday. Mia enjoyed it so much.

Watching our little girl on top of the dugout was something that we will never forget. She could not of been happier and for a 4 year old this experience was the best thing that could of happened on her birthday.

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After hanging with Quacker Jack we were able to go to the Picnic Area where we enjoyed pizza and drinks and of course hang out with the birthday girl herself. 

 pizza 11267486_700199733424911_4256665307370599789_n

11745806_10153474945837937_912444476909276973_n 10404181_700200516758166_1831687258888789621_n

The kids loved the Kona Ices that were included in the party package as well. They were so refreshing on a warm summer night.

11742801_10153474945667937_5486420113656449063_n 11737884_10153474945682937_4828586378069455152_n

The extras we had to splurge on were the Quackers

10339725_10153474945422937_727149581609151682_n quackers

QUACK, QUACK! The best souvenir at the game for kids and adults.

and of course some yummy treats like Cotton Candy : )

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If the whole experience could not get any better we were able to enjoy an amazing firework show at the end of the game.

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The Long Island Ducks did not win the game that night but the game was great and exciting. Mia had an amazing birthday party with her family and friends and that is what mattered the most to us. Her 4th Birthday will be a memorable one and we have great pictures to add to our scrapbook! 

Thank you to the Long Island Ducks you are SPEC-QUACK-ULAR.

Book your party too by calling: 631-940-3825

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