What is Self-Awareness and How Can it Help Me? – Limit Setting: Insider Tip # 3

“Insider Tip” # 3- Body Language:


“To become wise, become aware and look in order to listen” – Lisa Navarra

If you read my past articles you may recall my “Insider Tips” for Effective Limit Setting techniques of Proximity and Self-Awareness. To help deliver your message with maximum effectiveness, consider developing the use of your body language. I intentionally listed “Insider Tip” #2 as self-awareness because you need to know how you look to your child. If you’re trying to appear patient when you are angry pointing your finger or folding your arms will give you away! So, being aware of how you look precedes the intentional use of using your body to help send a message.

Therefore, once you have gained a self- awareness of how you look to your child, you can be proactive and effective in using your body language. You will learn to read your child’s body language better which will serve as a more sophisticated method of communication. Body language is formally known as kinesics. Kinesics is communication that can be seen physically. It tells how you are feeling without the spoken word. You and your child communicate without speaking. To become wise, become aware and look in order to listen. Depending on what research paper you read, body language (aka non verbal communication) constitutes anywhere from 60-93% of the meaning that is sent. The higher percentage taking account for the “tone of voice” that you use to convey a message. For instance, our first impression of someone is typically based on what we see and feel. Our child is very familiar with how you make them feel because you probably have the way you move and act has coincided with how you feel since they can remember. Bottom line-If you are able to interpret your child’s body language and be aware of your own, you’ll have an advantage above the rest.

Body language and the ability to be aware and interpret it can help make you a master of communication. The concept and information about body language are too in depth for one article, but I hope it has inspired you to address the challenges you may face when communicating with your child.

“The Farther backward you can look, the farther forward you will see.”
– Winston Churchill

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