Vanderbilt Planetarium

A great experience under the stars at the Planetarium for all ages.


As a child I remember loving the Vanderbilt Museum and Planetarium and I could not wait for the day to take my own children.  I was so happy when I saw that they have different shows for all different ages. So even at a young age my daughters could enjoy the show.

One of my best friends and I love taking the kids to new places. So we packed them in the car and headed to Centerport. The kids were excited to see the show after they watched the preview at home for the Sesame Street show. (seen below)


We arrived at the museum and the kids were so excited.


The first thing we saw when we entered the museum was the Big Rotating Moon and the kids pretended they were Gru from Despicable Me trying to steal the moon. There were some really cool pictures and exhibits that caught the kids eyes. 

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Unfortunately, I got a little lost on our way to the museum and we were late for the first show so we had to see the next one that had a cute and funny cartoon coyote in it.


We did not know how well the kids were going to sit for the length of the show but they all lasted and they loved it because there was a lot going on to keep the kids engaged. We learned about the planets, moon and different constellations. They also had great photos of Pluto since only the day before we went, Nasa released their photos of this far away planet.   

Our kids were aged from 1 years old to 4 and each one enjoyed the show. I know if we saw the first one they would have really loved it. We will definitely be back to see that show with these little astronomers.

The seats alone entertained the kids that they reclined all the way back. 

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After the show we were given a map of the grounds and the grounds are beautiful. My daughter led the way with her handy map.


We visited the Rose Garden and made a wish by throwing a penny in the fountain.

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I highly recommend going to the Vanderbilt Planetarium with your kids. It is a great family experience.

Located right next to the Northport Bay.


180 Little Neck Rd, Centerport, NY 11721

Phone: (631) 854-5579

Website –> click here


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