Marshmallow Structures

An open-ended activity that sparks the imagination for kids and adults to enjoy together or by themselves.

marshmallow structure

This activity is simple and all you need is toothpicks and tiny/

medium-sized marshmallows.


*You can substitute the toothpicks for skewers and then use large marshmallows*

My husband and daughter loved doing this activity together.

marshamallow9 marshmallow8

They made all sorts of shapes and structures.

marshmallow5 marshmallow9 marshmallow10 marshmallow6

This activity uses fine motor skills and problem solving skills. When a structure was standing up on its own they got excited.

marshmallow7 marshmalow8


We tried using craft sticks in place of toothpicks because I was nervous about my 4-year-old using a sharp ended toothpick but the craft stick did not work as well. Just supervise your young ones and let them know the end is sharp and to be careful of their little fingers if you do use toothpicks.

marshmallow4 marshmallow3


I was inspired to do this activity after seeing pins on Pinterest and it looked like a great activity for anyone to enjoy.

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