The Long Island Game Farm

The Long Island Game Farm – Wildlife Park & Children’s Zoo is a great day out for the family with great animals to see and feed throughout.

game farm

We packed up the kids and headed to the Long Island Game Farm and the kids could not wait to meet Clifford the Giraffe. When we entered there was a giant map of all the fun things to see and do at the zoo.

game27 game12

The first placed we stopped was in Bambiland. The kids were able to get up close to the deer and feed them. They were gentle and so cute.

There is an additional fee of $6.00/ cup of food to feed the animals.

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See the fun animal facts before your visit on their site —> click here

What we really enjoyed about the zoo was the variety of different animals you can see and feed through a tube such as:

Camel                                             Ostrich 

game19 game20 

Zebra                                                          Buffalo

game21 game18

One encounter you will love is meeting Clifford the Giraffe. Not only is he super cute but he is so friendly and not only will the kids enjoy him but so will the adults.

game24 game2 game6 game3

It is so fun feeding Clifford a two year old can do it all by himself:


The other animals you can feed by hand are:

Gabriella the Miniature Sicilian Donkey who I loved so much. She is a mush and so sweet.


and it seems she loves to take a photo with you!

game16 game4

The kids enjoyed the goats and other farm animals such as pigs and chickens. In the Farm Nursery the kids have the opportunity to bottle feed the little ones at an additional cost.

game5 game23

It was a warm and sunny summer day so not only did the kids want to find ways to stay cool so did the ducks. And the kids will love giving them a cool “shower”. The ducks were so cute and loving the cool water. I don’t know who was enjoying it more the kids or the ducks.

game14 game15

Other fun things for the kids to enjoy for an additional fee (get your tickets ahead of time) are the amusement rides, bounce house and a pony ride.

game7 game22

There is food for sale at the zoo and there is different shows, feedings, encounters and talks throughout the day you will see these in the schedule.

We really enjoyed the Main Stage DR Pekingese Dog Show the dogs were so cute and the baboon was so cute. The kids were laughing at all the cute stunts performed by the dogs throughout the show.

game8 game28

There was a lot of great photo opportunities throughout the zoo and we had a really nice day! Considering the young age group of kids we brought they lasted 3 hours and had a great day with their Momees!


game25 game1

Visit their website for more information —> click here


Located at:

489 Chapman Road  Manorville, NY 11949


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