“8 Simple Ways to Boost Your Child’s Confidence”

A healthy self-esteem can set the foundation for your child to build healthy relationships, make positive decisions under pressure and to not be afraid to take the necessary risks associated with potential success. When faced with today’s challenges, a child’s confidence can be very fragile however, with your nurturing guidance your child can succeed and thrive to reach his/her potential and achieve wonderful accomplishments.

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1-Praise and compliment w/ sincerity.

2-Allow your child to solve a problem with minimal guidance so he can feel empowered with using his own judgment to solve the conflict. He will find trust in himself.

3-Talk about mistakes as a lesson rather than criticisms.

4-Together help your child to understand and identify his strengths and weaknesses.

5- Set an easy goal or discuss a chore/task that your child is capable and willing to perform. Even easy success can be capitalized on to show pride in oneself.

6-Talk positively about your child to others in front of him. It will foster a sense of pride within your child.

 7-Validate your child’s feelings even if perception is different than yours.

8-Model a healthy self-esteem by having a positive self-concept about yourself! Not only are you important to your own personal social and emotional well being, but taking pride in yourself will be one of the best ways you can teach your child!

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