Picky Eater Food Chart

Let’s face it, all kids have those stages of PICKY EATING!

Eating with kids can be a difficult process. Whether it is the look of the food, smell or if they even get to the point of biting it and then saying, “EWW!” it can be frustrating. 

food chart3

My four-year-old is the ultimate picky eater! She eats the same things everyday and as a parent who loves to cook I am so bored with her eating and I don’t know how she isn’t. Breakfast she has waffles with butter and maybe some strawberries with it. (a fruit – woohooo) Lunch is plain pasta with butter, chicken nuggets, peanut butter sandwich with no crust or a hot dog with no bun. And  for dinner she wants the same choices as lunch because there is nothing else she likes.

Can you relate?

One thing Mia loves is stickers and doing crafts. So I decided to come up with an interactive chart that she can help me with each day.


First, I bought a tri-fold project board that they now sell at the dollar tree.

Then, I went on google and found images of fruits, veggies and foods that look cute and printed them out for our chart. Some of the foods she has had before and likes but I encourage you to put them as an option too because if it is all things they never had or may like this may not work as well. The whole point is positive reinforcement, with the goal of HEALTHY EATING!

fruit and veggie food chart2

The chart looks like this:

food chart

I put Food #1 and I had Mia glue the image of the food.

I then drew three boxes for the three bite rule to see if she likes it. Every time she take a bite we check off a box. Once all three bites are complete she gets a sticker, WAY TO GO, you did it!

food chart1

Then, she circles YES or No if she liked the food or not.


Repeat with each new food choice.

This chart has helped me so much and now Mia (my 4 year old PICKY EATER) is making more Healthy Choices and this MOMEE is excited.

I hope it works for you too…

Let me know if this works for you! : )

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