ASL Discoveries- Words related to September

Our names are Elizabeth and Julia and we can not wait to help you learn sign language!

We are ASL Discoveries and we hope you enjoying learning sign as much as we love teaching it.

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Since the month of September is when school begins we decided to incorporate words related to school.

1. Mommy          5. Friends 
2. School            6. Play
3. Daddy             7. Teacher
4. Homework      8. Student

Watch our video where we teach our young friends the 8 words of the month:

See each word that relates to September and how to Sign that word below:

Elizabeth Balay and Julia Mignoli are the founders of Speech Discoveries and are wonderful teachers. They have shared with us the still pictures below of the new eight words that relate to the month of September.

HAVE FUN and we hope you love to learn how to sign too!

 MOMMY                                                       DADDY    


The next three words have two parts that you must sign to form one word:

Teacher, Homework and Student




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