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“All Goals Can Be Achieved When You Believe”

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MEET JUSTIN one of Keep Moving Foward’s GOAL ACHIEVERS

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Fun Facts about Justin

How old are you Justin? I am 8 years old

Where is your favorite place to be? Any WWE match

What is your favorite sport to play? Baseball

What is your favorite thing to do with your big brother Ryan? Wrestling

Who inspires you every week at KMF to never never never give up? John Cena. He is the coolest!

Justin has Cerebral Palsy and that is why he goes to Keep Moving Forward for physical therapy!

What is cerebral palsy?

*it is a condition that affects thousands of babies and children each year.
* It is not contagious, which means you can’t catch it from anyone who has it.
*The word cerebral means having to do with the brain.
*The word palsy means a weakness or problem in the way a person moves or positions his or her body.
*A kidee with Cerebral Palsy has trouble controlling the muscles of the body.
*Normally, the brain tells the rest of the body exactly what to do and when to do it. But because Cerebral Palsy affects the brain, depending on what part of the brain is affected, a kid might not be able to walk, talk, eat, or play the way most kids do.

But, as you can see Justin is just like you and I. He just wears braces on his legs and uses crutches to help him walk. Cerebral Palsy is a condition he has but, Justin is just another Kidee who likes all the same things other kidees do. We all have goals and Justin has goals too that he steps closer to each day with a lot of strength and courage!

Justin is a strong boy who does not give up and with the help of his physical therapists at Keep Moving Foward and a wonderful family at home Justin will reach his goals! He is truly an inspiration to all.

Because… “All Goals Can Be Achieved When You Believe”

Keep Moving Forward is committed to see individuals are trained to reach their maximal physical potential. At Keep Moving Forward we offer an individualized intensive physical therapy program for infants, children and adults. Our approach facilitates and enhances the development of functional independence through the use of various tools and techniques.


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