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Each month we are going to feature a different Community Helper here on Long Island. They will teach us about what they do for our community and we will have fun activities for you to do related to their occupation.

This month we featured a local Veterinarian: Dr. Timothy Brown of Setauket Animal Hospital in our interactive Kidee Section on Momee

dr. brown

on the page he talks to the Kidees and says:

“Hey Kidees! My name is Dr. Timothy Brown and pictured with me is my 6-year-old dog Levi

Let’s talk about a Veterinarian and what they do:

*I am a Veterinarian at Setauket Animal Hospital

*When animals are sick my job is to help make them feel better.

*I will take animals temperature and listen to their heart just like when you visit your doctor.

*I will give animals medicine to make them feel better.

*I have lots of pets at home. I have 2 dogs, 3 cats, and 2 horses.

We have some great Pinterest Pins to share with you related to Veterinarians.

Pinterest Board for Community Helpers —> click here


Homemade band aids for stuffed animals – too cute!



I LOVE these patientcharts for the vet at dramatic play!


vet kit

Make a Homemade pretend vet kit. Most items come from the dollar store.

We highly recommend Setauket Animal Hospital!

bright pick

If you are looking for a great Vet or if you have an Emergency that needs prompt attention and compassion then please give the Setauket Animal Hospital a call:



They are located at:

86 Gnarled Hollow Rd. East Setauket, NY 11733

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