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This campaign is being run in the spirit of Making A Difference.


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Meet Sara who is a sweet and loving 6-year old girl.

Sara’s mom told us: “Sometimes Sara wants to chew gum and I’ll tell her she can’t have any because she’ll get it in her hair (like she used to when she had hair) she’ll just laugh and say “mom, I don’t have hair”. She’s a happy little girl and enjoys life. Sara started loosing her hair in September 2014 and by December 2014 she had no hair at all. She was then diagnosed with Alopecia. It was a very difficult time for me, but Sara seemed to me taking way better than I was. Her confidence amazes me and to this date she rocks her bald head. There are times though when I’m fixing her little sisters hair that she’ll tell me she wants her hair back so I can fix her hair how I used to with pretty bows. Oh how I wish it was me and not her going through this . “

To Donate toward the manufacturing expense of Sara’s wig … please do by clicking on the link below.

 Every little bit helps!


Please share this campaign and hashtag #itfeelsgoodtodogood

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Any parent can relate to that statement of , “how I wish it was me and not her going through this.” 

My daughter is 4 years old and even though she is young there are little things she can do to make a difference. At the beginning of this month we went to Beau’tique Hair Studio  and Mia got her haircut to donate to Hair We Share. She was so excited to donate her hair to a little girl who could use it.

And she loves her new short hair cut now but, plans on growing it out again to donate again.


A local Momee friend of mine, Nicole decided to donate her daughter’s hair too. Her daughter Brooke, is a beautiful 7-year old girl who too was happy to donate her hair like Mia was.

brooke2 brooke3

These young girls are #MakingADifference one pony tail at a time. And their hair will be used to make Sara’s wig.

Will you donate your hair too?

Learn more about Hair We Share —> click here

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