Victoria’s Amazing Pets- Silkie Chicks

Meet 11-year-old Victoria Bonavita

Victoria is a young girl who is full of knowledge and has an incredible love for animals. We are so excited to have her be a part of Momee Friends and educate all of us on different animals.


Feature:  Silkie Chicks



*Originate from China

* Don’t Fly

*Has five toes instead of four

*Their feathers feel like silk

*They have black skin and bones

*have teal ear lobes

*very gentle

*They lay a smaller egg compared to other types of chickens because they’re Bantam chickens. Bantam means a smaller breed of chicken.


Please, press the Play button in the video below and see Victoria teach us about Silkie Chickens



We are so honored to have Victoria share her amazing pets and stories with us. She is an incredible young girl with an extremely bright future ahead of her.


Thank you, Victoria!



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