Stuffed- Poem by Local LI Author Darren Sardelli

Laugh-A-Lot Kidee Poetry Challenge for November:

Write a poem about something or someone you are thankful for.

When you’re finished writing, pick your favorite part of your poem/story and draw a picture. 

Good luck and have fun!!!


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Read Darren’s Poem : Stuffed

I stuffed it with clementines, apples, and grapes.
I stuffed it with mangos and berries.
I stuffed it with raisins (in all different shapes),
along with bananas and cherries.
My parents flipped out when they saw what I did.
They called me outrageous and quirky.
I had no idea that a mischievous kid
could be grounded for stuffing a turkey.

Poem Copyright © Darren Sardelli (All Rights Reserved)

* A poem from Darren’s Book, Galaxy Pizza and Meteor Pie

Darren’s Writing Tip of the Month:

Before we write, it’s important to make a list of some of the things we might want to put in our poem. Right now, I’d like you to think of all the wonderful people and things that you are thankful for. When you’re ready, grab a pencil and a notebook, and write down everyone and everything that puts a smile on your face.


We want to read your November Challenge poems!

Please submit your poems along with a picture of what you wrote about to


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