Jingle Bells with ASL Discoveries

Learn to sign Jingle Bells with ASL Discoveries.

asl discoveries logo

Below are the still images of  the words: Jingle, Bells, sleigh, horse, fun and ride.

You can follow along while watching the video of Elizabeth and Julia from ASL Discoveries showing Mia how to sign Jingle Bells along to the song.

         JINGLE                                                           BELLS

jingle image                    bells image


                SLEIGH                                                HORSE                      

all the way sleigh image                        horse image


 FUN (2 parts to the word so it has 2 images)

                        fun image fun image 2



                                                       ride image


MERRY CHRISTMAS from Momee Friends and ASL Discoveries!

See their Kidee Page featuring December words this month:

click here


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