Water Balloon Fun with News 12 LI

Take your water balloon fight and your water balloon fun to a whole new level!

news 12 water balloon fun

Elizabeth Hashagen (News 12 LI) and Anne Caminiti (Momee Friends of Long Island) have fun ideas you are going to want to try this Summer.

Cool off this hot summer day with some water balloon fun!


Water Balloon Shields

Having a water balloon fight? Using dollar store party plates you can make your own water balloon shields.I used indoor/ outdoor paint to decorate my water balloon shield.

plastic plateplastic plate decorated


I hot glued a piece of velcro to the back of the party plate and then took a long piece of felt and glued the end of the felt to the plate. At the opposite end of the felt I hot glued velcro to that end too so they will stick together and hold your wrist in place when you use it as a shield.



IMG_9899  IMG_9894

I think I did a great job using her shield from the mighty water balloon throwing arm of Elizabeth Hashagen.


Water Sponge Bombs

If you don’t have water balloons or want the messy clean up made by water balloons make your own sponge water bombs.

See how to make them —>here

Easy DIY Tutorial on How To make Kids Sponge Water Bombs! Great idea for Summer Kids Parties! www.thechicsite.com:

Reusable and soft if stored correctly. I store mine in a ziploc bag with a little bit of water to keep the water bombs from getting hard.


Water Balloon Pinata

For teens and adults at a family BBQ or party there is a fun game of water balloon piñata. Gather two large sticks and tie latex balloons filled with water to one of the sticks. Use the other stick as a bat and be prepared to laugh as the person holding the stick usually is the one who gets soaked. Make sure the stick holding the water balloons is long enough for safety purposes.

water balloon pinata IMG_9891



Bonus Tip: do not use the latex filled balloons as a water balloon to throw at your friends. The latex balloon does not pop when thrown it is only good for the water balloon piñata. Ask our camera man Dave Dodds how much it hurt after Elizabeth threw one right at his stomach. OUCH!!!!!!!

IMG_9911 IMG_9912

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