Fun Summer Games with News 12 LI

Elizabeth Hashagen (News 12 LI) and Anne Caminiti (Momee Friends of Long Island ) are having too much fun with these toss and catch games!

news 12 summer games

We have game ideas for you to try: Doodle Head, Jug Catch and Toss Game, Marshmallow Toss, and Jousting with Household Items. Whether you are headed to a Family BBQ, Birthday Party or just want to have some fun these games will be so much fun to do.

Doodle Head

Play the game Doodle Head! A fun partner like Elizabeth or my best friend, Nikki will make this messy and cheesy doodle game so much fun this summer.

Watch you will need is: 2 shower caps (found at local Dollar Tree), a can of shaving cream, large cheese Doodles

doodle head

Wear a shower cap and cover it in shaving cream. Whoever gets the most cheese doodles on their opponents head wins.

IMG_9889  doodle head 1

Sand Pail Marshmallow Toss

Marshmallow Toss is a game using large marshmallows and your child’s sand pail.

marshmallow toss   SINGING TIME IDEA: Could adapt this game for singing time...Webelos would probably like this game, right?

You won’t believe how far the marshmallow will fly by flicking the shovel back and trying to get it into the pail. I loved this idea when I saw it on Pinterest —> here


Milk / Water Jug Catch Game

water jug catch game

Cut the bottoms of your milk or water jug off to use to catch your duct tape ball. You can decorate the jugs for an added craft to this fun activity.

Pin this idea:here

water balloon toss out of milk jugs--fun summer hack:

Jousting on top of Milk Crates

Elizabeth and Anne were Momee vs Momee in this hysterical and fun game that teens and adults will love to play.

What you need is: 2 broom stick handles, 4 paper towel rolls, duct tape


Using broom stick handles and duct tape and paper towel rolls you can create this fun game. Duct tape the paper towel rolls to the end of each broomstick handle to create jousting sticks that you and your opponent can use to knock each other off of the milk crates.

End result: a lot of fun and smiles


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