Halloween Story Stones

A fun and interactive activity that will have kids creating their own stories with friends and family.

What will your first story be about with your Halloween Story Stones?


Kids will love painting these stones and then using them to create their own unique story.

Simple and Easy!

All you need to do is collect some rocks and use acrylic paints to paint Halloween images on them.

The images and words I used can be seen below. I used familiar Halloween character images such as, a witch, Frankenstein, skeleton, spider, pumpkin, ghost, etc. Paint words such as scary, eek , boo on other rocks to add familiar Halloween words to the story.


How it works…


You can either have the rocks all laid out like the above picture and have the first person begin the story by picking out whatever rock they want to use first in their story. That person then can continue making the story up using all the rocks shown or you can make it a group story.


With the group story one person begins the story then the person to the left continues the story by grabbing a different story rock. The story continues until all the rocks have been used.

stones-4 stones-1

You can also, put the story stones into a bag and have someone pull a rock blindly. Whatever rock is pulled has to be used in a sentence for the story.

Depending on the age of the storytellers you can make the story funny or scary.


This is an open-ended and creative activity that I am sure children and adults will love incorporating into their Halloween traditions.

I know my kids have not put these rocks down. Yes, rocks can be the best entertainment for your kids. : )


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