Halloween Crafts- Fall Fun on News 12

Fun and easy interactive Halloween Crafts for you and your kids to make.


Adorable spiders, craft stick puzzles, sensory bags, monster hats and Halloween Story Stones…


*Monster Party Hats

Transform your plain party hats into monsters with adding paper pieces.

All I did was cut out eyes and fangs with white construction paper and then drew on the hat with a black sharpie marker. Attach the pieces with glue or scotch tape and your hats are complete.

halloween-hats img_9801

*Halloween Sensory Bags

Fill a Ziploc bag with clear hair gel, food coloring and Halloween pieces for a fun sensory bag to keep your child entertained. It feels so cool!


See more cool Sensory Bag Ideas on Pinterest —> here

Halloween Sensory Bags! Infants and toddlers will have so much fun moving the shapes around in the bag! http://plainvanillamom.com/2013/10/halloween-sensory-bags.html:


*Spider Kids-

Add your kids’ faces to the front of these adorable spider crafts.


All you need is:

Styrofoam Ball

Black Acrylic Paint

6 Black Pipe Cleaners

Up close picture of your child’s face

Scotch Tape



First, using your black paint you will want to cover  your styrofoam ball until it is completely black.

Let Dry!

Then, stick the black pipe cleaners (3 on each side of the styrofoam ball).

Scotch tape your child’s face to the front of the styrofoam ball and your project is complete!

I was inspired to make my kids little spiders after seeing this pinterest pin below that was just as cute.

Pin it: here

5 minute Spider Craft! This spider craft is perfect for school Halloween parties or to add some spooky fun to your Halloween decor. Even your youngest kids will love making this quick and easy Halloween craft.::


*Kids Halloween Puzzles

Paint a familiar Halloween Face on the crafts sticks. Seen below is Frankenstein and a Jack-O-Lantern.

img_9810 img_9811

img_9809 img_9808


*Halloween Story Rocks

Paint your favorite characters and spooky words to rocks. This is a great interactive activity for kids around Halloween.

Grab a rock and incorporate into your own story. Each child will take a turn to incorporate their pictured rock into the story.

halloween-stones story-rocks

We hope you have fun making these cute Halloween ideas!

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