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Lana Moreno is a 9-year old girl who is making a huge difference in our community. She inspires us with her huge heart and compassion for others. This past Saturday we were part of her Give a Gobble Food Drive and it was a huge success.

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Lana all year round collects for local food pantries in our community and you can follow her on her Facebook page- Lana’s World Hunger Dream. She wants to make a difference by feeding those in need. One food pantry that she has a wonderful relationship with is the Lighthouse Mission. This past weekend all of the turkeys and food items she collected went to the Lighthouse mission located in North Bellport.

Last year Lana was so excited that she was able to collect 10 turkeys and give them to local families for Thanksgiving. After speaking with Lana, I knew I wanted to be part of her collecting even more turkeys than last year. Lana wrote a letter (seen below) saying she would love to collect fifty turkeys this year! She even made an adorable turkey chart for the day of the event so she can keep track of reaching her goal.

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I was not the only one who wanted to support this local young lady who inspires so many in our community. Our friends at NY Dart Zone held a raffle at their Halloween Bash this year and donated the profits of that raffle to Lana’s Give a Gobble Food Drive. They gave Lana $170.00 to shop with and as always we appreciate them and giving back with us.


The Amvets Post 48 in Ronkonkoma on Hawkins Avenue not only let us set up the Food Drive outside of their building they also generously donated $50.00 to Lana’s World Hunger Dream.


The Suffolk County Correction Officer Association donated $100.00, as well.

Spoonful of Sugar Entertainment were generous enough to donate their time and amazing spirit to our event by attending as the Snow Sisters. As always, they bring positive energy, smiles and enjoyment to our events. We love them and appreciate them donating their time to our event. Also, Steven Drew was generous enough to donate his time and come dressed as Spiderman, he was full of energy and fantastic.

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Stop and Shop Farmingville came by and surprised Lana with a donation of 75 turkeys and ALL the trimmings. It was an incredible surprise and we thank Manager Grant for coming by and making such a wonderful difference in our community. Lana will continue to work with Stop and Shop Farmingville and The Lighthouse Mission throughout the year.

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The generosity from Stop and Shop- Farmingville , Amvets Post 48,  NY Dart Zone, The Suffolk Correction Officer Association, Spoonful of Sugar, and Steven Drew was very much appreciated. But, they are not the only ones who made a difference. We want to thank all those who came and donated items and brought smiles to our event on Saturday. We can all make a difference together! Even when Lana went grocery shopping at Stop and Shop a very nice woman, Linda gave Lana $20.00 to go buy more turkeys to donate to the event. Our community is fantastic and we appreciate all who donated.



Lana could not be happier to meet her goal and then some. The Give a Gobble Food Drive presented by Lana’s World Hunger Dream raised money and donations for 114 families. That’s right, 114 turkeys were purchased with the efforts of a 9-year old girl, Lana Moreno. She has a wonderful family who supports her dream and we thank them for letting us be part of it, too.


lanas-sister lana-and-me

114 Turkeys and so much more…

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A wonderful event to bring those in our community a Thanksgiving to be thankful for. Thank you Lana’s World Hunger Dream for all you do and to the Lighthouse Mission for being so incredible and doing outstanding things for the community throughout the year.

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Victoria Moreno (Lana’s Mom) said, “Thank you so much to everyone who donated today!!! Thank you so much Stop and Shop Farmingville for surprising Lana with a donation to feed 75 families! They donated 75 turkeys and ALL the trimmings! In total, LWHD will help to feed 114 families this Thanksgiving through the Lighthouse Mission! It’s amazing what you can do at 9 years old!”


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