Gingerbread Play Dough

What are your favorite smells during the holiday season?

One of our favorite scents is Gingerbread.

We decided to make a play dough recipe that is a no-bake recipe so the kids can help make it, too.


 This is by far the best no-bake play dough recipe. I saw it on Erica’s Edventures. Erica is a teacher with great ideas. She not only has the recipe on her page but, she includes great visual plans to do in the classroom.


1 cup of Flour

1/2 cup of Salt

1/2 Tbsp. of Ground Ginger

1/2 Tbsp. of Ground Cinnamon

1 Tbsp. of Vegetable Oil

1/2 Cup of Water



First, mix together the dry ingredients. (Flour, Salt, Ground Nutmeg, Ground Cinnamon)


Then, add the wet ingredients. (Vegetable Oil and Water)


Mix the ingredients well. Knead the dough till the play dough forms.

gingerbread-playdough3 gingerbreadplaydough4


Please store this play dough in an air tight ziplock bag and then in a container with a lid. I have had mine stored for about a month and the kids continuously play with it. It has stayed intact enough to create over and over again and still smells amazing.



Your kids will be excited to roll out the dough and use the gingerbread cookie cutter to make the gingerbread men.

gingerbread-playdough-10 gingerbread-playdough8

We used buttons, wiggly eyes, and cut black pipe cleaners to decorate with.

gingerbread-playdough6 gingerbread-playdough-9

This is a great open-ended activity that kids can create whatever they like.

erbread-playdough-8 gingerbread-playdough-11

It is a great sensory activity, too. The kids will enjoy the smell of the gingerbread play dough and they will also love the touch and feel of the dough.


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Please be aware:

*Even though these are edible ingredients we do not encourage having your child or anyone eat this dough*

I was inspired by Erica’s Edventures to make this recipe and I am so glad I found it to share with all of you.

I love this pinterest pin, too!

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