The Greatest Show on Earth is coming to an end…

Jaw-dropping talent for the whole family to enjoy.

The last run for the Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey is truly, “Out of this World”!

The talent showcased in the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum was incredible. Children young and old filled the seats and they were all excited and smiling as they enjoyed the story told throughout the Out of this World show.

“Blast off! Five, four, three, two, one!”


“For the first time, the show features ice skaters in addition to unbelievable performances by gravity-defying acrobats, majestic animals and hilarious clowns. Imaginations will run wild throughout the nonstop display of artistic athleticism, with acts seamlessly transitioning from floor to air to ice, a feat never before done in Ringling Bros.”

The fearless Torres family make you wonder how is this even possible? Eight motorcycles riding at high speeds inside this sphere is an eye-popping show.


We can not forget the animal stars alongside Alexander Lacey. Lion kisses and cuddles tugged at our heart strings. Definitely, a showstopper!

Before the show, we had the pleasure of being brought behind the scenes with Natalya (one of the talented ice skaters in the show). Her enthusiasm and passion for the circus made the kids and I even more excited about being there. We fed off of her energy and meeting her before the show and seeing her perform during the show gave us a personal connection to the show. Every time we saw, Natalya out in the center stage the girls got so excited screaming her name and waving to her from our seats.


We were so grateful to Feld Entertainment for allowing us to experience the behind the scenes tour that will forever be a memory we can treasure. Meeting the talented superstars that are showcased in the show and seeing the props first hand was indescribable.

The girls love unicycles and seeing one of the basketball superstars on one right in front of them was so cool.

Last night’s show for me was bittersweet. My family and I enjoyed the show from beginning to end but, knowing this was the last show we would see from Ringling Bros. was upsetting. A family tradition that has been in my family for generations is no longer. We thank you, Ringling Bros. for the memories, the dedication and time that you and those individuals put in to make the shows possible. You have brought so much joy to families across the world.

As Ringmaster, Johnathan Kee Iverson closed out the show he mentioned that this show has been around for 146 years. It brought tears to my eyes as I looked at my two daughters and husband sitting next to me enjoying the show and knowing this was the last time. The tears were for those whose talents are like no other and that their show is coming to an end. I hope for all of them that they can continue to showcase their talents and continue to entertain people around the world. We applaud you all and again, thank you!

Please, don’t miss your chance to see the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH … one last time!

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We hope you and your family enjoy the show! We ABSOLUTELY did.

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