How many snacks do we eat each day?

My kids are always asking for a snack! As a result, I always have a snack.
Snacking is okay but, are we making the healthier snack choice? And, how often are we snacking?

As a parent we walk around the house we pass the counter and if there is a dish of cookies or chips we would put our hand in grab one or two and keep moving, without even thinking about it. Then, that one cookie turns into two, three or even four cookies. Imagine how many calories we are eating and not realizing it.

For the past couple of days, I have been keeping watermelon cut up in the fridge and I feel better knowing the snack is watermelon versus maybe some goldfish crackers for the kids and myself. Plus, they say when you are hungry you may just be thirsty. Watermelon is a great way to satisfy a craving and it is healthy, too.

   I asked my Momee Friend, Erika from B.Fit Long Island about snacking and we talked about being a mom and how we do snack more when we are home with the kids. She told me to create a snack chart. It is a fast and and easy way to hold yourself accountable for the snacks you are consuming. Try printing out this template and placing it on your refrigerator or kitchen cabinet. 

Each time you snack take a quick note as to what it was and how much.

Keeping prepared healthy options will keep you from reaching for those cookies. Also, try keeping a water bottle around. And take a few sips of water before reaching for the food.

We love cut up fruits, veggies, nuts and air pop popcorn.

Looking for other ways to hold yourself accountable for your health?

Working with a trainer is a great way. Erika from B.Fit Long Island is an in home personal trainer servicing the Nassau area. When you schedule a session with her she will be knocking at your door reminding you it is time to exercise. There is no getting around that. Erika will help you create a workout schedule that fits your life and helps you get and stay on the track to fitness. 

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