Thanksgiving 2017

Thanksgiving is a day to enjoy all the blessings in our lives! I have to say we are so blessed to have such amazing family and friends in our lives and we always look forward to reflecting back on the year and giving thanks!

Our day was filled with love and traditions!

Our day begins with being in our pajamas and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. We love all of the floats, balloons and performances. And of course SANTA!



One of my favorite things to bring with me wherever we go is cupcakes. I love decorating festive cupcakes with the girls and allowing them to get a little sugar in before the big meal by eating any of the leftover candies and licking the icing off their fingers (after they are done decorating, of course!) The girls love Owls so we had to make owls as well as, Turkeys.

I don’t know who enjoys making the cupcakes more but, I do know I want to hold onto these years for as long as I can. These two little girls are my best friends and I am thankful for these moments.


Instead of buying the a Thanksgiving T-shirt that the kids will outgrow in one year I figure let them have fun making their own shirt. I think they came out great and they are proud to wear them!


A Thanksgiving Tablecloth

A Thanksgiving Keepsake we cherish with the name of each family member and their traced hands. Some of the hands have been turned into turkeys and look adorable. The added signature and date to each hand makes it complete. We started this tradition last year and I love that we can use this tablecloth year after year adding the signatures of those in our family who gather around the Thanksgiving table. This keepsake will be filled with memories of love for years and years to come.




If you would like to share your traditions with us, please comment below!



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