Sugar and the Candy Tree by Michelle Doxsee

Bring a local families Easter Tradition into your home with this adorable book set inspired by one little girls dream of a candy tree!

Sugar And The Candy Tree” is a 32-page picture book that tells the tale of a little girl, named Sugar, who has a big imagination and loves dreaming of candy. One day she gets the most amazing, outstanding, scrumbly-yum-tious idea that any thinker has ever thought of. She is going to grow a candy tree! She tries to tell her friends and family about her amazing idea, but she soon realizes that everyone in the whole wide world is too busy for dreams and she is ready to give up. Just then, she thinks of the Easter Bunny! He’s a candy expert. Maybe he could help! Will the Easter Bunny be able to help Sugar make her dream come true?

My girls are loving Sugar and the Candy Tree because what child wouldn’t want to dream up a Candy Tree? My oldest daughter loves to draw and she thinks it is incredible that there are kid drawings inside of a book. It is such an inspirational touch to the book that kids can get their illustrations inside of a book if they wanted to. I love the ongoing message in the book to never give up on your dreams! Our family is loving the “magic” that lies within planting the seeds and sprinkling the magical dust. OHHH the awesomeness of being a kid! I highly recommend buying this box set and adding this to your Easter traditions.

When I saw that Michelle was a local Mom and author that has created such a delightful Easter tradition with her 3 beautiful children I knew we needed to get to know them more. Let’s see how her daughter inspired this tradition for our families to enjoy, as well.

1.When was the book first published and is this your first book, Michelle? Where can we purchase the book/ book set?

“Our first actual book was published in 2015. We had 200 copies made. We went into dozens of local preschool, kindergarten, and 1st grade classrooms to read our book that year to spread the word about “Sugar and the Candy Tree.” All 200 copies sold! From there we decided to invest money into designing and creating the deluxe set, which includes the hardcover book, the magic seeds and dust, and a 24-inch white glitter tree to help parents to complete the magic.This is our first book, but we have many ideas for additional books. We can’t wait to get started on those once this project gets off the ground.

Currently parents can purchase the hardcover book (or the deluxe set) on our website, or on Amazon (free shipping with Amazon Prime) It’s also available at two local stores: The Sweet Gourmet in Sayville and Sensationally Sweet in Patchogue.”


2. I see that Olivia was the inspiration since she was wanting to grow a candy tree. What candy does she love the most and was hoping would grow?  What is your favorite Michelle and Sam and Ben’s favorite candy, too?

” Olivia most definitely is the inspiration for this story, since it was her big imagination that dreamed up the idea of growing a candy tree! Her favorite candy is Reese’s peanut butter cups and Reese’s Pieces. My favorite is Almond Joy…yummm! Ben has a two-way tie between Mounds and Kit Kat and Sam has a eleven-way tie between Snickers, Reese’s Pieces, Butterfingers, Almond Joy, Kit Kat, Nestle Crunch, Twix, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Ferrero Rocher, 100 Grand and Baby Ruth’s. lol “

3. Do you have any pictures of your first candy tree? How did you come up with the gift set? Is their magical seeds and dust that Sugar has? Does her Mommy give them to her like you did for Olivia?

“Yes I have a photo of our first candy tree! (see below) We came up with the gift set as a way to make it super easy for busy parents to bring this fun tradition into their homes. Oftentimes we have situations where both parents are working and let’s face it, short cuts are just necessary. We do have the just book option for those parents/grandparents who have the time and desire to get crafty. Our friend, the Easter Bunny provides the magic seeds and dust included with each book!”


4. How cool is it for your family to incorporate your family tradition into their homes?

“It is really cool!! We love the feedback that we’ve been getting from parents about how much joy and laughter and how many precious family moments that this tradition has brought into their homes. And we look forward to being able to share it with many more families as the years progress!”


5. Looking back does Ben and Sam love seeing their illustrations in the book? Is writing a passion of Olivia’s? Or illustrating something Ben and Sam love to do?

  “They are all so proud of the illustrations and being a part of this experience (Olivia was only 5 at the time the illustrations were done, but she contributed too.) They often come into the schools with me to read the book and it’s adorable how the little kids look up to Sam, Ben and Olivia as the illustrators of the book. I can tell that it gives them a happy, confident feeling and as a mom, it’s so special to see that.”


6. I see that you guys call this Easter’s version of Elf on a Shelf. Can you see more things being evolved from this concept and continuing the growth of Sugar and the Candy Tree? Possibly a Sugar doll? 

“Yes! We definitely see more things evolving from this concept, including, yes, a Sugar doll, as well as possibly a half hour TV Easter special based on Sugar’s character and definitely additional books with more adventures of Sugar!”


Michelle says, “Looking to make special Easter memories but don’t have the time to get crafty? Our candy tree and accompanying book take the work out of making new Easter traditions!



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Michelle, Olivia, Ben and Sam have been so generous and are doing two GIVEAWAYS for our readers/ followers on FACEBOOK!


One winner will win an autographed Box Set and the second winner will win an autographed copy of the book!

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